Let us introduce you a brand new unique lead-free UFO SINKER products with original and innovative accessories.


Our lead-free fishing UFO SINKER weights are made of unique high density concrete and other special components meeting strict European standards.
Though UFO SINKER weights are lead-free they still reach over 4 g/cm3, almost twice as high as dolomite. This is possible by use of nature iron ore called magnetite.

Plus, UFO SINKER weights soak up liquid substances so UFO SINKER weights can be easily dipped and aromatized with your favorite fish atractants which means more fish.  
As a result, UFO SINKER represent effective and environment friendly alternative for traditional sinkers made of lead.

UFO SINKER have popular natural camouflage design. UFO SINKER weights are made in Czech Republic.

UFO SINKER is a registered trade mark.